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What Should We Note When Operating the Ball Mill?

2018-09-13 11:30:16   XinHai   (1294)

Ball mill is a kind of a very important grinding equipment in ore dressing equipment. However, Xinhai mineral processing expert in visit knows, many users were not very familiar with the operating methods of grinding mill, which led to a lot of unnecessary failures.

So, what should we note when operating the ball mill?

1.Output size

We can choose the output size according to the nature of the object in the grinding process. Do not change the output size when the ball mill is under the output state. Too small output size will increase the power consumption of grinding, and it is difficult to meet the design requirements; Too large output size will cause overloading, increase the electric current of the ball mill, and reduce the grinding efficiency, even endanger the safety of the grinding equipment.

2.Quantity of ball addition

During the operation of the ball mill, the weight and diameter of the steel ball are constantly reduced due to wear, so we need to regularly add new ball for the grinder. And we need to determine the quantity of ball addition according to wear rate of steel ball and the processing capacity of ore.

3.Nozzle size table

The diameter size of the nozzle can affect the concentration, water quantity that flows through the ball mill, system circulating ratio and so on. Therefore, the nozzle size is usually not adjusted in order to keep the ball mill running well.

4.Particle size of limestone

Generally, too large limestone particle size will cause the extra burden to the ball mill, and some super-large limestone particles are not easy to be crushed by the steel ball, which not only reduces the efficiency of the ball mill, but also increases the power consumption. Therefore, we should make sure that the particle size of limestone is below the designed particle size.

All the above points need our attention in the process of using a ball mill. Xinhai hopes that every customer understands clearly these key points so that the ball mill can play out its maximum performance.

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