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Molybdenum Dressing Production Line

Molybdenum Dressing Production Line


Coarse concentrate regrinding and re-separating improves the concentrate index

Determine concentrate regrinding and re-separating process according to the ore properties

To reduce energy consumption by 30%, recovery rate is increased by more than 10%


Molybdenum dressing production line can be used for single or refractory molybdenum with complex properties, close sulfide minerals symbiosis and fine particle distribution

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[Process Description ]

Process Description

Stages grinding and separation improves concentrate indexes

Mixed roughing after the coarse grinding, then regrinding the coarse concentrate and cleaning; the small quantity of regrinding crude concentrate makes monomer dissociation and save energy consumption while obtaining high grade concentrate and high recovery rate.

 Process Description

Strengthen flotation process improves molybdenum concentrate grade

Strict implementation of agent system in roughing and control agent dosage to reduce the loss of many cycles; make full use of the twice enrichment of bubble; washing concentrate foam to reduce the impurity in foam flotation

[ Cases ]

Case 1

Molybdenum Ore Plant in Fushan, Shandong Province is one of our successful cases. This is 3D demo Video of the dressing plant created by our company.

Case 2

A molybdenum dressing plant in Fujian, the main valuable minerals were molybdenite. The process of the plant was once roughing, twice scavenging, four times cleaning, and molybdenum ore grade was 0.38%. In recent years, due to the mining depth increasing, ore properties had changed, so the flotation index became poor leading to more molybdenum metal loss. After field investigation and analysis, Xinhai determined the process according to multi tests: crude one stage grinding, once roughing, once rough cleaning, once rough cleaning concentrate regrinding, three times scavenging, seven times cleaning after regrinding, to achieve a better index, indexes comparison as follow:

Comparison of ReformationProcessMolybdenum Concentrate Grade
Recovery Rate of Molybdenum Concentrate
Before ReformationOnce roughing, twice scavenging, four times cleaning35.3073.68
After ReformationOnce roughing, once rough cleaning, once rough cleaning concentrate regrinding, three times scavenging and seven times cleaning after regrinding45.2378.78

By this reformation, new process saves reagents, personal and management cost

[ Process Flow ]

Molybdenum Dressing Production Line


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