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Reasons of Liner Wearing of Ball Mill and Measures

2018-09-04 20:01:04   XinHai   (1479)

Ball mill is widely applied in the field of metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, mineral processing. And the most important part that plays a role in the quality of ball mill is liner, which is used to prevent the cylinder wear and tear, so ball mill liner is also one of the main wear parts. Following on from Xinhai to everyone explain the reason of the liner wear and its measures.

One. Reasons of liner wear

liner has a very good protective effect on the grinding mill, which can reduce the frequency of cylinder friction and effectively avoid the damage to the parts of ball mill. So, what’s behind the liner wear?

First, wrong installation method may result in the liner not focusing as is, then lead to fracture.

Next, during the process of manufacturing, if the manufacturer chooses the general lining board material, the performance of the liner is greatly reduced by short using time, poor impact resistance and wear resistance.

Last, unreasonable design of liner structure may lead to uneven wear in different parts, especially the thinner part is easier to wear.

Two. Measures to solve the wear of liner

1. Select reasonable steel ball and liner. The hardness of liner and steel shall be controlled within a reasonable range. And the diameter of steel ball shall be set reasonably to reduce the friction between the liner and steel ball.

2. Choose the right material of lining board carefully. In general, and the material with strong wear resistance can improve the wear resistance of lining board.

3. For the liner that just replaced, the steel ball with low hardness shall be applied according to its property. After running for 1 to 2 months, the steel ball with high hardness can be replaced after the hardness of the lining plate is improved, which can prolong its service life.

4. Strictly control the quality of installation. If the liner does not match the steel ball, please replace the liner. After the installation operation, please readjust the liner to ensure its smooth running.

Therefore, liner has a vital impact on the performance of ball mill. In order to avoid unnecessary impact caused by problems of the liner, the processing plant must select high-quality ball mill equipment. As a professional ball mill manufacturer, Xinhai is committed to achieving the value of the mine with high-end technology, rich experience and first-class service level.

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