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Analysis Characteristics of Mining Machinery in International Market Development2015-08-28 09:30:31

The condition of mining machinery in international market has a direct impact on the domestic market, the following contents is the general characteristics of the mining machinery in international mar

Seven Questions of Ore Dressing Common Sense2015-08-27 10:25:27

Most people are likely unfamiliar with mineral processing. The reason why I think so is that I have often encountered many people asking me some very basic questions about it. I have roughly sort out

Influence Factors of the Ball Mill in the Process of Grinding2015-08-25 09:36:12

Beneficiation ball mill has three influence factors in the grinding process with medium, including the ore properties, the structure of and the operation conditions of the machines.

Innovations on the Impact of Economic Slowdown2015-08-21 01:35:41

Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co,.Ltd. regards innovation as a cornerstone to exceed other companies. We always takes high-ranking technology, equipment and services to meet challenges and make achie

Internal Structure of the Grid Ball Mill2015-08-18 12:28:16

The grid ball mill is mainly composed of shell, feeding device, discharge device, transmission device, bearing and lubricating system, this paper will makes a detailed discussion of each part.

Xinhai Beneficiation Solution—Beyond Your Expectations2015-08-13 14:58:54

Xinhai is the first mineral company to provide customers with a full-scope offering In China, which includes mineral processing test, mine design, equipment manufacture, installation & commissioning,

Energy Saving Ball Mill: Save Your Money2015-08-13 12:10:48

Nowadays the main theme of world development is recycling economy with saving energy and reducing energy consumption. For mine processing, an important method to keep sustainable development is reduci

Comparative Analysis of Spiral Classifier and Hydrocyclone2015-07-28 15:33:27

Spiral classifier and hydrocyclone are both mineral processing classifiers. The mineral processing classifier generally include four kinds, increased flow hydrocyclone classifier, cone classifier, ce

The Questions about Dressing Common Sense2015-07-22 17:11:11

Dressing for most ordinary people may be unfamiliar with, why say this, the reason is because I often encounter such a thing. Because I am a worker of Xinhai mining machinery company, so sometimes som

Characteristic Analysis of the International Market Development of the Mining Machinery2015-07-20 11:40:46

The fluctuations of the International mining machinery markets directly influence the ups and downs of the domestic markets

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