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Characteristic Analysis of the International Market Development of the Mining Machinery

2015-07-20 11:40:46   XinHai   (2740)

The fluctuations of the International mining machinery markets directly influence the ups and downs of the domestic markets, here are some analysis of the characteristics of the international markets:

Firstly, from the aspects of the development course, marketing size, and competition trends of the mining machinery industry, whether the mining machinery manufacture industries can provide "EPC service" or not is becoming more and more importance. EPC service, including providing the service of mining project definition, mining equipment design, full sets of production, equipment operations and project managements, has already become a vital criterion and factor to weigh the strength of the mining machinery industries.

The leading enterprises to provide EPC service is the mining machinery companies from abroad, while in China, the first company to provide this service is the Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Secondly, the production centers and markets of the world mining machinery are processing to China. From 1940s to 1980s, the relatively mature industrious countries from all over the world has established quite complete and mature mining machinery industrious system, and realized transformation to the post-industrial and knowledge economy based on the mining machinery manufacture as carrier and service sector as center till the beginning of the 21st.

All kinds of large-scale mining machinery manufactures all over the world characterized by high concentration and unbalanced capacity, and many mining machinery companies centered on north America, EU, and other regions such as Australia and China, productivity of Africa and south America just accounts for 11% of the total .

Under the pressure of financial crisis, European debt crisis and the slow growth of world economy, a lot of mining machinery manufactures and parts suppliers from abroad invest and build plants in China to find marketing development space. Thus, China overtake north America to become the largest mining machinery marketing in 2008-2009. In 2011, Chinas mining machinery marketing accounts for 41% of the worlds and growth 5% to 2010, and Chinas needs for mining machinery will reach to 50% to the world, which provides huge support to the development of the mining machinery of China.

Third, mining machinery consumption of developed countries such as Europe and America still have huge upward space, and market potential of the third countries from Africa still have a great deal. Developed regions such as EU and north America have mature markets, and demand growth of the mining machinery reached ten percents, moreover the customers payment ability and timely is very good, mining machinery enterprises that exporting to these regions has reached higher return in the process of development.

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