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Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder
Product Introduction
A feeder with simple structure and suitable for non-sticky materials
Product Improvement
1、Transporting materials relying on electromagnetic vibrating
2、Stepless adjustment feeding


  • Small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, convenient repair, low operation cost

  • Adoption the principle of the mechanical vibration, and less energy consumption.

  • Change the volume of flow at any time

  • Centralized control and automatic control of production process

  • Small wear of feeding tank

  • The feeding tank made of alloy-steel plate could convey heat and corrosive materials

Work Principle

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder utilizes electromagnetic vibrating device to drive minerals to reciprocate in the direction of dip. When the vertical component of accelerated speed of feeder exceeds accelerated speed, minerals are tossed upward and leap forward in parabolic fashion. It takes 1/5 second to finish the rising and falling. The chute vibrates for one time and subsequently the minerals are tossed for one time. The chute vibrate at a frequency 3000/minute. Correspondingly, minerals are tossed upward and leap forward. So minerals can continuously and uniformly move forward and feeding is achieved.

Product Structure

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is composed of Ⅰ、Feeding groove Ⅱ、Speed reducer Ⅲ、Electromagnetic vibratorⅣ、Control cabinet, as chart shown

Product Application

It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power, food and other industries. It is used for automatic matching, quantitative package and automatic regulating process. It can feed lump, granular and powdered materials from the storage silo or hopper to devices uniformly or quantitatively.

Technical Parameters

Model Tank Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) Feed Size (mm) Horizontal Feed Amount (t/h) Feed Amount (t/h) Power
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) Weight
GZ1 600X200X100 50 5 7 0.06 910X376X485 80
GZ2 800X300X120 10 14 0.15 1175X608X600 165.5
GZ3 900X400X150 75 25 35 0.2 1325X578X675 223
GZ4 1100X500X200 100 50 70 0.45 1616X762X814 462
GZ5 1200X700X250 150 100 140 0.65 1815X840X980 656
GZ6 1600X900X250 200 150 210 1.5 2410X10925X1500 1252
GZ7 1800X1100X250 250 250 350 3 2800X1330X1710 2017
GZ8 2200X1300X300 300 400 560 4 3302X1556X1995 3153
GZ9 2400X1500X300 350 600 840 5.5 3515X1776X2200 3750
GZ10 2500X1800X375 500 750 1050 4X2 3630X2500X2235 6491
GZ11 2800X2000X375 1000 1400 5.5X2 4060X2640X2919 7680
GZ12 3000X2200X400 1200 1500 15 5260X2860X2563 8840
GZ13 3200X2500X450 1300 1600 6394X3040X2864 9920
GZ14 3500X2500X450 550 1500 1700 18.5 7475X3802X3000 11000


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