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Add Flotation Pharmacy Correctly

2015-06-17 10:20:50   XinHai   (2781)

Flotation is done through the supporting role of flotation pharmacy in the separation of material, whether the pharmacy is properly add or not that has a direct impact on flotation index.

Technical staff of Xinhai Mining Co, Ltd. will show you how to add the flotation pharmacy in detail, which can ensure the flotation index accurately.

There are four aspects about whether the flotation pharmacy is properly add: the type of pharmacy, the order, the quantity, the place and the manner.

The type of pharmacy: flotation pharmacy includes collecting agent, foaming agent, adjustment agent these 3 kinds.

The collecting agent can change the hydrophobicity of the mineral surface, which makes the floating particles adhere to the bubbles. The foaming agent distributed on the active substance of the organic surface. The adjustment agent includes activators and inhibitors, and it can change the characteristic of the material surface and influence the interact of material and collecting agent.

The order: for ore flotation the sequence should be: PH adjusting agent, inhibitors or activators, foaming agent, the collecting agent; and for the inhibited mineral the sequence is: the activator, collecting agent and foaming agent.

The quantity: the added quantity generally needs to make a test to determine. Inadequate or excessive dosage of flotation pharmacy could have big influence on mineral processing index. Too much dose of flotation pharmacy also increase the costs of the ore beneficiation.

The relationships about the amount of dosage of pharmacy and the flotation index: firstly, a low dosage of collecting agent decreases the mineral hydrophobic, which can drop the recovery rate. Otherwise, a high dosage of collecting agent can bring down the concentrate quality and bring troubles to flotation.

Secondly, a low dosage of foaming agent may cause poor foam stability, or else, too much dosage of foaming agent will cause the "overflow" phenomenon.

Thirdly, low dosage of activator cannot play a good role, but, too much of activator will destroy the selectivity of flotation process. And, inadequate dosage of inhibitors also can decrease the concentrate grade, nevertheless, excessive dosage of inhibitors will restrain the should be floated ore, which can bring the recovery rate down.

The place and the manner:1), The dosing site: collecting agent and foaming agent is generally dosed in the first stirring barrels. If there are two stirring barrels, you should add activator in the first stirring barrels, and add collecting agent and foaming agent in the second mixing barrel.2), The dosing manner: the Water-soluble chemical such as Xanthate, baiyao, sodium silicate, such as copper sulfate were added into aqueous solution, and, Insoluble drugs such as 2 # oil, black powder can be added directly.


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