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How siphon device works on hydrocyclone?

2015-03-10 10:37:25   XinHai   (4144)

Hydrocyclone is mainly used for classification and dehydration, which can be used in a variety of sludge dewatering or slurry separation. The classification efficiency can reach 80~90%, thickening and dewatering efficiency, 60~80%.

With the development of technology and science, the manufacturers also improve the cyclone. The excellent improvement is installing a siphon device on the top of cyclone overflow box. What is the function of the siphon device?

A siphon works because gravity pulling down on the taller column of liquid leaves reduced pressure at the top of the siphon (formally, hydrostatic pressure). This reduced pressure means gravity pulling down on the shorter column of liquid is not sufficient to keep the liquid stationary against the atmospheric pressure pushing it up into the reduced pressure zone at the top of the siphon, so it flows from the upper reservoir, up and over the top of the siphon.

The siphon device installed in the hydrocyclone can reduce energy consumption. The outlet flow required pressure is smaller than outlet pressure of ordinary hydrocyclone, and the inlet pressure is relatively smaller too, so it reduces the total energy consumption; it also can help the hydrocyclone get higher underflow concentration and lower overflow concentration. The small device has great use.

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