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Xinhai JJF flotation machine leads new flotation technology

2015-01-21 14:33:30   XinHai   (3107)

The self-air inflation flotation technology combines original flotation machine design and newer generation JJF flotation cell with ease of operation bringing improved metallurgical performance. The JJF flotation cell rotor is positioned higher in the flotation tank resulting in the following advantages:

Shorter froth travel distance for improved coarse particle recovery

Reduced maintenance and greater availability

»» Rotor is positioned near the top of the cell resulting in less wear

»» Mechanisms can be changed without shutting down or draining the row of cells

»» Reversing and inverting rotor extends life

No blower and associated air piping is required.

Xinhai self-air inflation flotation technology has been popular for decades. It has been updated, adapted, and refined into the JJF flotation cell to meet the demands of modern, large scale concentrators. The JJF cell features large, cylindrically shaped tanks with special design features that improve mixing and achieve unmatched hydrodynamics and tank utilization.

Since its introduction in 1980s, most of the major mineral concentrators have selected the JJF flotation cell to ensure high recovery and ease of operation. Xinhai Research and Development efforts have improved the JJF flotation cell to exceed our mineral processing customer’s expectations by using special design features:

Large pulp circulation volume up to 2.5 times, is conducive to mineralization of pulp, reagents and air

Large air suction volume, good dispersion effect

Reasonable circulation of mineral slurry and the solid particles suspend well, no sediment in tank, and no need to feed mine when it stopped.

Wide range of particle size and high recovery rate of ore selection

JJF flotation cell improves the flotation efficiency basing on the special design, and it also improves the whole flotation process.

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