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The excellent features and advantages of Xinhai high rate thickeners

2015-01-15 11:44:47   XinHai   (2369)

Xinhai is a leader in providing mineral recovery solutions to the mining industries. Xinhai has designed a high efficiency thickener with simplicity of concept and with specific benefits for today’s operators. Xinhai Thickeners provide a low operating cost answer to recovering immediately re-usable process water; additionally, they reduce the need for settling ponds minimizing environmental and water consumption concerns.

High efficiency Thickeners make use of flocculant to help agglomerate very fine particles into larger particles that can settle much faster than the fine particles themselves. All solids settle to the bottom of thickeners and clean water rises to the top so the solids settling rate must always be greater than the clean water rise rate. Care must be taken when sizing Thickeners to avoid selecting a unit that will be too small. If the clean water rise rate is too high, more flocculant must be added to the solids to overcome upward rising velocity.


Immediate availability of approximately 90% of plant water for reuse in mineral dressing plant

 Reduction in horsepower required to pump fresh water

Drastic reduction in slurry volume reporting to waste ponds


Tank Design

Thickener tanks can be supplied as “weld together” or “bolt together” and with concrete or steel bottoms. All Xinhai Thickener Tanks include an overflow launder with adjustable weirs.

Feed tank

The Xinhai feed well is oversized to aid in the removal of air bubbles that may have formed through potential turbulence in the feed. Air removal promotes in the settling process.

Motor Drive

Drives the rakes and operates the rake lift. This system provides very accurate rake torque monitoring and allows the rakes to be operated in forward and reverse.

Automate Controls

Automate Thickener operation. This local panel is easy to read outdoors and provides screen access from a remote location.


Provides the proper speed reduction and torque to drive the rakes.

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