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Xinhai independently developed autogeneous mill

2014-12-27 11:14:41   XinHai   (2958)

Xinhai autogenous mill was independently developed by Xinhai Mining Machinery with the rich experience of manufacturing mills. This product wined national patent with the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency and energy saving. Cylinder Energy-Saving Overflow Ball Mill was another product improved by Xinhai, which is more practical in dressing plant.

Autogenous Mill

1、How to judge the ore suitable for autogenous mill

Grinding test is necessary for this judgment. This test checks the bulks quantity and quality, and decide if the autogenous mill is suitable

2、 The features of autogenous mill

(1) Autogenous mill with large diameter and small length, the small ratio of length and diameter avoids the efficiency reduction

(2) The large diameter of autogenous mill meet the needing of large feeding particle size

(3) Dry autogenous mill is lined with T type liners. 1. Lifting ore, the distance between two lifting plates is 350-450mm because of the large feeding particle size; 2. Impact with large ores

Cylinder Energy-Saving Overflow Ball Mill

1、The materials and functions of liners

Lining plate types includes high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, rubber etc.. They are used to buffer the impact of ball on cylinder.

2、Shapes and features of liners

Lining plates can be divided into two types of smooth and non smooth. The non smooth lining plates can take the grinding media to a higher height, and have a strong agitation for balls and ore. So it is often used for coarse grinding. Smooth lining plate brings more relative sliding to produce more grinding, and so it is commonly used in fine grinding.

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