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The equipment you need to know in CIP process

2014-12-08 17:21:05   XinHai   (3131)

leaching agitation tank, air lifter and carbon screen are widely used in gold CIP process. Xinhai will introduce them for you to know more about CIP process, the most popular technology for gold processing.

1、Several kinds of leaching agitation equipment

(1) Percolation Leaching Tank: percolation leaching tank is made by  cement, and bituminized on surface

(2)Air agitation tank: providing enough oxygen for gold cyanide leaching;

(3)Mechanical agitation leaching tank: the blade as a mixer stirs up the solid materials that keep suspended in the leaching agent

(4)Air and mechanical combined stirring leaching tank: the leaching tank mixes pulp by the combined effect of mechanical and compressed air.

2、The structure of double impellers leaching agitation tank

Including air switching valve, reducer, motor, impeller, shaft, baffle plate, etc..

The application of air lifter in CIP

In the process, cyanide pulp is fed to the first leaching stirred tank, discharged by the final adsorption tank, and goes through the security screen becoming cyanide tailing. Regenerated carbon or fresh carbon is added from the tank, and regularly moves forward by air lifter. At last the carbon by screening and washing becomes gold loaded carbon which takes electrolytic deposition.

3、How to solve the blockage of carbon screen

The large quality and high viscosity of pulp, large density of bottom carbon or impurities such as wood, often can make the carbon screen block. There are four ways to solve: 1.Removing bits of wood;2.Appropriate to reduce the quality fraction of pulp or bottom carbon density; 3.Appropriate to improve the volume of low pressure air; 4. Improve the carbon screen, using horizontal cylinder screen to replace carbon screen.

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