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To cross the threshold of flotation cells

2014-11-19 10:59:53   XinHai   (2905)

Flotation cell is the main character in flotation process. Xinhai develops many creative flotation cells and wins the patent rewards. The advantages of flotation cell vary for the equipment specification and model. There are some questions you should know, and this passage takes some model examples, total cross-section flotation cell and SF flotation cell.

1、 Why could this floatation cell bring good flotation indexes?  

In this floatation cell, the ore particle, reagents and air mix better than other machine, so it brings good floatation indexes

2、 Why could this floatation cell reduce cost?

The main wear parts of this floatation cell are one-way valves made of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber. The valves contact with ore slurry by air that produces less wear, so the maintenance cost gets down. In addition, the excellent energy saving feature reduces the production cost.

3、 Could produce the large floatation cell (total cross-section, air-lift, micro bubble)?

This floatation cell is cross section air inflation without power stirring, so the size of section could be produced according to the needing.

4、What should pay attention to in using the SF floatation cell?

Before boot the SF floatation cell, please check the bolts of each part. Before re-start this machine, please take manual rotation firstly preventing increasing the load of motor because of sediment deposition. In the working of SF floatation cell, adjust the height of gate to keep liquid surface stable, and scrape mineralized foam to flow tank at any time. Impeller and stator should keep a certain distance, and users should replace them when this machine is worn. The wear parts of SF floatation cell: impeller and stator

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