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Some tips of auto centering vibrating screen

2014-11-11 10:59:27   XinHai   (3034)

Auto centering vibrating screen is developed by Xinhai used in screening link behind grinding. It is more efficient than other normal vibrating screen. There are some tips to maintain auto centering vibrating screen:

1. The check and maintenance of auto centering vibrating screen

Routine maintenance:

(1)Check the temperature of motor bearings

(2)Check the wear degree of screen mesh, press plate and screen grid

(3)Check the force uniformity of boom and spring.

Regular check:

(1)Regularly check the bearing lubrication。

(2)Regularly check bear degree of boom and spring

(3)Check wear degree of screen mesh

(4)Check the bolt connection

(5)Check if the amplitude and screening efficiency meet the requirement

(6)Check if the vibration noise, screen dig angle is changing

2. What are the effects of the physical properties of materials on the auto centering vibrating screen?

Technical and economic indexes screening process are screening efficiency and productivity; the former for the quality index, the latter for the quantity index. There is some relation between them, but also relate with many other factors. These factors determine the results of screening.

The physical properties of materials will have great impact on the screening process including particle size, composition of material, humidity, mud content and particle shape etc.. When the fine content of material is large, the productivity is also high. When the humidity of material is large, generally, the screening efficiency will decrease.  The screen mesh size is larger, the water effect is smaller. In order to improve the screening process, the wet material generally adopts screen mesh enlarging or wet screening. If materials containing large amount of mud (when the mud content is more than 8%), it should use wet screening or pre washing

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