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Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher? Which is Better?

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As is known to all, the whole crushing process is composed of rough crushing and fine crushing. And users often choose jaw crusher in the rough crushing stage. But it is hard to for users to decide the types of crusher used in fine crushing stage, impact crusher or cone crusher?

As a secondary crush machine, there are many differences between impact crusher and cone crusher, such as the appearance, working principle.

First, differences in the crushing principle. The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing. The material is repeatedly crushed into qualified particles between the plate hammer and impact plate after sent from the feed port. While the cone crusher uses lamination crushing. The mortar wall is constantly moving towards the crushing wall, and crushing the materials between the mortar wall and crushing wall.

Second, differences in the discharge size. The material is produced with angular shape through the impact crusher, which is also determined by the working principle of the impact crusher. Cone crusher is divided into coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine types. So, the crushing material is finer and powdery. It is also widely used in the market due to its less energy consumption and low noise.

Third, differences in the processing capacity. The processing capacity of the impact crusher is less than that of the cone crusher, but the finished product of is impact crusher is better than that of the cone crusher. Due to its large processing capacity, cone crusher is more suitable choice for large mineral processing plants.

Fourth, differences in the investment cost. For users, the quotation of the crusher is also a key factor to be considered. Generally, the quotation of impact crusher is lower than that of the cone crusher. Although the preliminary equipment investment is lower, its later cost of the overhaul is more tedious than cone crusher because there are much more wear parts in impact crusher. Although the price of cone crusher is a little bit high, its processing capacity is stronger and the wear parts are less. Besides, its later operation is relatively stable, so it is also a good choice in the long run.

In addition to the above differences, users should also take the materials they deal with into consideration. For example, the impact crusher is widely applied in those materials with below medium hardness, like limestone. And the cone crusher can be considered if the hardness of materials is high, like pebble, granite and bluestones.

In general, the impact crusher and cone crusher have their advantages and disadvantages, users can refer to the above analysis for consideration.

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