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How to Resolve the Overtemperature of Raymond Mill?

2018-10-09 15:53:24   XinHai   (1131)

Raymond mill is a common grinding equipment, which is familiar to many people. After a period of time, there are always a lot of problems. Today, Xinhai will explain several reasons that cause overtemperature of Raymond mill, then give you the corresponding solutions.

Overtemperature of Raymond mill includes different phenomena, like fan motor heating, overtemperature of bearing. Facing these situations, the user should firstly find out the reasons for the overtemperature, and then take the appropriate methods.

1. Check the extension pipe, oil viscosity and oil brand.

2. The feed bear of roller device shall be oiled in time, and cleaned regularly. Besides, the oil seal shall be changed according to regulation.

3. The grinding ring shall be oiled at regular intervals.

4. The indoor temperature of bear shall be less than 70℃. If the temperature is too high, the bear and various spare parts shall be cleaned at least one time.

5. Maybe the fan motor heating is caused by too high wind pressure. Sometimes, the fan motor will be touched by accident, which causes the motor heating. So, don’t change the equipment during the production.

6. Last, reasons of Raymond mill itself, like unqualified quality. Therefore, it is best to choose those well-known and high-quality equipment.

In addition, many problems of Raymond mill are caused by improper maintenance in daily production. Therefore, it is suggested that we should carry out regular maintenance to ensure the extension of equipment life.

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