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How to Install the Thickener in the Mineral Processing Production Line?

2018-09-26 12:02:33   XinHai   (1264)

Thickener is a new type of thickener and dewatering equipment which combines the filtrating characteristics of the mud layer. It is mainly used for the dewatering treatment of concentrates and tailings.

Generally, the thickener is mainly composed of a concentrated pool, rake frame, transmission device, rake lifting device, feeding device, unloading device, and signal safety device. The main feature of the thickener is to add a certain amount of flocculant in the slurry, then the ore grain forms floccules, which speeds up its sedimentation rate, thus improving the thickening efficiency.

Thickening is the last process in the whole mineral processing production line. For the wet products after flotation process often need the thickening operation to remove the extra water.

Usually, the thickener manufacture sends the independent parts to the customers. So, the installation shall be carried out on the site and the installation sequence of the thickener shall be noticed carefully. Then, how is the thickener installation completed? Here is the solution from Xinhai.

1. Assemble the bridge frame of the thickener

The bridge frame is divided into truss and drive support two parts. The truss frame is disintegrated into three parts (one part includes a coverage table, which can be separated from the middle when transporting). Therefore, during the installation, the disassembled truss segment shall be connected and formed, then the three segments shall be joined together according to the technical requirements. The junction plate in joints of three segments shall be welded with I-beam, then the drive support shall be welded with the truss.

After the assembling, it needs to be hoisted to the eight-meter-high platform. When hoisting, the center of drive support should be overlapped with the center of the pool body, and the drive support should be kept level. Last, the platform should be loaded.

2. Connect the cloth bucket with bridge frame

3. Install transmission device and lifting device.

The lifting support and other parts on it should be bolted together with the driving device, then hoisted to the bridge frame and connected with the bridge frame by bolts. Please pay attention to the position. The drive center should coincide with the center of thickening pool, and the axis of drive axis should remain a vertical state.

4. Install principal rotation axis, then bolting

5. Install the rake frame.

Connect the rake with the fixed platform of the transmission shaft in a symmetrical way according to the length. Adjust the height of the scraper before the welding, and ensure that a scraper of long rake and a scraper of short rake can cover the entire bottom of the pool during operation.

6. Install the mud scraper. Weld each wiper separately with the rake according to the drawing. Before welding, adjust the height of the wiper so that a scraper of long rake and a scraper of short rake can cover the entire bottom of the pool during operation.

7. Install the inclined pipe support and the inclined pipe. The inclined pipe support should be well welded to the pool wall and cloth barrel. After the welding, the inclined pipe support should be horizontal, the four outlet pipes should be distributed evenly and well welded to the support. When installing the inclined pipe and its support, a manhole should be left in a suitable position that closes to the pool wall.

8. Weld the rail and bridge frame according to the drawing.

The above is the subsequence of installing the thickener. Welcome to consult us if you have any problems.

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