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How to Choose the Types of Crusher Machine?

2018-09-20 11:15:05   XinHai   (1201)

In the mineral processing equipment, crushing machine is the most common equipment which is widely used in sanding, cement, grinding and ore dressing. There are so many types of crushing machine and manufacturers in the field. So, how should the customer choose the crusher? Here are some suggestions from Xinhai Mining.

There are a lot of crushing equipment in the market, such as jaw crushercone crusherhammer crusher, high-efficiency fine crusher, toothed roll crusher, double stage crusher, roll crusher, etc., which cause many customers can't judge which one is the most suitable.

Before choosing the crushing equipment, we should define first the mode of crushing force, then adopt the corresponding forcing method and type of crusher according to the material property, particle size and the requirements of crushing products.

1. For those hard materials with large or medium particle size, the crusher equipped with different shapes tooth shall be best, such as jaw crusher and tooth roller crusher.

2. For those hard materials with small particle size, the surface of the crushing equipment should be smooth without the tooth, such as roller crusher.

3. The powdery or muddy material often adopt grinding, crushing, such as ball mill.

4. The material with weak abrasion shall be impacted, hit and ground, and the crushing equipment shall be equipped with sharp teeth.

5. The material with strong abrasion is mainly crushed by those crushers with a smooth surface.

6. The ductile material shall be sheared or hit quickly, such as hammer crusher.

7. The multi-component material shall be crushed under impacting effect or multiple fields.

All in all, the selection of crushing equipment type should be based on the material properties and types, production scale and capital budget. As to the choice of manufacturer, Xinhai suggests you compare the equipment quality and price, and try to choose large manufacturers with strong scientific research strength.

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