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How to Reduce the Noise of Vibrating Screen?

2018-09-05 14:01:46   XinHai   (1461)

It has become a consensus that the working noise is relatively large in the mineral processing plant, which not only affects the lives of people in the surrounding areas, but also causes physical and mental damage to the operators. With the continuous development of the mineral processing industry, the technology of noise reduction is more and more advanced. Today, Xinhai illustrates how to reduce noise taking vibrating screen the as an example.

Generally, the vibrating screen is featured with the high noise level and complex sound source. So how to effectively reduce the noise of the vibrating screen? Xinhai technical expert summarizes several methods of noise reduction as follows.

First, whether the loose parts of the equipment cause noise. Therefore, the first method of noise reduction is to tighten all the parts of the vibrating screen, especially the screen plate that should be replaced frequently.

Next, paste with rubber board on the side of screen box, feeding inlet, discharging outlet, which can effectively inhibit the high-frequency vibration of the sideboard then reduce the noise.

Then, replace the steel spring with the rubber spring to reduce the impact, and install the soft acoustic shield outside the vibration exciter to reduce the noise.

Then, carry on damping treatment between the inner and outer covering of the bearing. The rolling body of the bearing can be made into the hollow roller, or add damping materials into the inner of the hollow roller to effectively reduce vibration and noise of the bearing.

Last, adopt flexible web gear instead of the steel gear if it is necessary, which means transfer the torque on the web of the gear by relying on the rubber elastomer, it can absorb the vibration caused by the gear running.

Besides the above-mentioned methods, there are other ways to reduce the noise of vibration screen. If you have any problems, welcome to consult Xinhai technical expert.

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