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How Does Xinhai Hydraulic Cone Crusher Update the Secondary and Fine Crushing?

2018-08-30 11:00:11   XinHai   (1236)

Due to various reasons such as equipment structure, we cannot crush the material to the required fineness at one time in the actual production process. Usually, the material is coarsely crushed through the jaw crusher, and then transported to the impact crusher or cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing and fine crushing, so as to ensure the finished product size meets the customer's demand.

Xinhai has accumulated many years of experience manufacturing crushing equipment, and developed hydraulic cone crusher. With its unique technological design and scientific idea, hydraulic cone crusher immediately stood out among crushing and grinding equipment, and has been highly praised by global customers.

Xinhai hydraulic cone crusher is developed with advanced crushing technology, which integrates machinery, hydraulic pressure, electric and intelligent control. Its new crushing structure combines with the optimized pyramid crushing cavity type and the fully intelligent automatic control system, which makes it have the unique performance that the traditional cone crusher does not has. Now, Xinhai hydraulic cone crusher has been widely used in the secondary crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations.

1. Simple structure, strong reliability, easy to maintain and low operation cost.

2. Large production capacity, high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption.

3. The design concept of pyramid crushing cavity type makes the service life of liner longer.

4. The rolling ace tabular wall does not need filling, and it is easy to be replaced.

5. PLC+ touch-based automatic control system ensure the safe operation of equipment.

After more than 40 years of exploration and development, Xinhai has accumulated rich experience in equipment research, development and manufacturing. As the pursuer of excellent quality in the crushing and grinding industry, Xinhai will continue to learn more about the market form, produce more high-quality equipment based on customer demand, and facilitate the booming development of the mining industry.

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