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Xinhai Iron ore Flotation Equipment

2016-04-27 12:14:58   XinHai   (3969)

There are many kinds of iron flotation equipment in  Xinhai, like  SF Flotation Cell, JJF Flotation, cyclonic micro-bubble  flotation column. They are energy saving and high efficient as well as good  performance.

Among  those machines, the cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column is suitable for the  coal minerals with finer fraction that is smaller than 0.5mm or the flotation  process of the meal mineral. The features of the machine is the combination of  the flotation principle and the gravity principle. It can achieve the goal of  three usage with one machine. That is, it can have the three flotation  operations of primary flotation, scavenging and secondary flotation at the same  time in one flotation column. It is of large capacity, high recovery rate, good  processing indexes, less pollution of minerals, smaller ash in operation, well  sold and has won good reputation of the users.

The SF mechanical agitation flotation cells that Xinhai  Mining Technology and Equipment Inc. Manufactures is widely applied in the  operation of black metal minerals (especially the iron ore flotation),  non-ferrous minerals flotation and nonmetallic mineral flotation. The operation  principles is relatively similar to other mechanical agitation. The pulp to be  processed will be fed into the flotation machine. The negative pressure between  the impeller and cover plate make the air guide into the pulp automatically.  After the continuous and strong stirring, the pulp will be fully mixed with the  air. Under the medical effect, the mineral laden bubble will rise up and forms  the foam layer. After being scraped, the foaming will be the foaming products. This  type of flotation machine is especially suitable for primary flotation and  scavenging operation in the flotation workshop for the large or middle dressing  plants. On the base of a large inspiratory capacity, it can also ensure the  energy consumption is smaller. Therefore, it is well applied in dealing with  the coarse particle sizes. The easy wear spare parts of the SF mechanical  agitation flotation cell adopts the Xinhai super wear-resisting spare parts.  The material of the spare parts is wear-resisting rubber and is developed by  the Xinhai Wear-Resisting Rubber Institute. It contains up to 95% natural  rubber.

The  wear-resistance of the rubber is the first class in the world. The rubber is  made by wet rubber method. The spare parts made by the wear-resistance rubber is also applied in the pump, flotation machine, valves and hydrocyclone that  Xinhai manufactures. It has greatly improved the service life of the equipment.  The type of equipment can also be used cooperatively with the JJF mechanical  agitation flotation cells that Xinhai manufactures. The flotation machine group  they form can be used as the inhaling equipment of the flotation operation.  Xinhai Technology and Equipment Inc. can also manufacture various mining  equipment. With the reasonable price, first-class quality and considerate  service, Xinhai will be one of the most reliable partners.

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