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Ball Mill: High Manganese Steel Liner Plate VS. Anti-abrasion Rubber Liner Plate

2016-03-16 11:12:51   XinHai   (2204)

Ball  mill is widely used in grinding materials in industrial departments like mine, building  materials, electricity and chemical engineering. When the ball mill is grinding  materials, the liner plate of ball mill receives constant impact and grinding and  much abrasion has been caused. According to incomplete statistics, the wasting liner  plate of ball mills in metallic mine of China is 120,000 t/a. The service  life of liner plate of ball mills has a direct influence on the industrial  process and economic benefit. At present, the liner plates in use in China are high  manganese liner plate of ball mills and anti-abrasion rubber liner plate of  ball mills. So, comparing the high manganese liner plate with the anti-abrasion  rubber liner plate, which type of liner plate has a better performance? How can  the users choose?

High manganese steel is invented by Hatfield in  England. The main features of the components are containing 0.9-1.4% carbon,  10-14% manganese. The impact strength is around 150j/cm2. After water  toughening, it becomes the single austenite structure. The reason for its  anti-abrasion is that after the impact, it causes surface hardening phenomenon.  The initial rigid of it is HB 179-229. The rigid after abrasion is HB 240~350,  (after full hardening, the rigid strength can be up to 605 as the highest). It  states that the high manganese steel liner plate when is in use, especially in medium  and small sized ball mills, fails to fully play its anti-abrasion. Moreover,  the yield strength of the high manganese steel liner plate is relatively low, so  it is easy to have the plastic deformation, making the liner plate bulge or may  even snap the construction bolt to have the liner plate be difficult to disassemble.  High manganese liner plate is frequently used in the earlier stage of China. Later  with the development of metallic materials and anti-abrasion rubber materials,  it is used less and less in the liner plate of ball mills. In production, the  high manganese liner plate is generally used in the coarse grinding operation  of primary grinding.

The  anti-abrasion rubber liner plate is arisen in the 1920. With the constant and  comprehensive improvement of the components in anti-abrasion liner plate, the  liner plate constitution and installation ways, now it has already been widely  used in the fine grinding operation in beneficiation and a few coarse grinding  operations. The anti-abrasion rubber liner plate in the aspects of corrosion  resistance, wear resistance, energy saving and low consumption, low noise, and  convenient installation is better than those fields of high manganese steel  liner plate. However, study shows that, when the temperature of the ordinary  anti-abrasion liner plate is up to 100℃, the abrasion is 5-6 higher than that in the temperature of 50℃. Besides, the ball diameter of the applied ordinary  anti-abrasion rubber liner plate is generally less than 80mm. In production, it  usually uses the anti-abrasion rubber liner plate in the fine grinding  operation of the secondary or after the secondary grinding in the wet ore  grinding.

To  overcome those shortcomings of anti-abrasion liner plate, Xinhai Anti-abrasion  Rubber Co., Ltd has been improving the anti-abrasion rubber. Finally, it  achieves the production and application of Xinhai Anti-abrasion Rubber with  global leading technology in high temperature resistance, wear resistance and  corrosion resistance, which enlarges the field of anti-abrasion liner plate or  can even extend to the dry grinding operation. What’s more, it has lowered the  ore grinding cost to a large degree.

When  selecting the liner plate materials of ball mills, at the premise of  anti-abrasion rubber, we should give priority to Xinhai Anti-abrasion Rubber  with good nature. Comprehensively considering the practical situation of  production, we can make the industrial production efficiency to its highest and  the production cost to its lowest.

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