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Three Motions of Steel Ball in Beneficiation

2015-09-01 09:21:06   XinHai   (2665)

Generally, we can’t notice the motion of the steel ball of  beneficiation mill at the scene. Studies have shown that there are three  motions of steel ball, namely, the fall-diarrhea, thrown & fallen and centrifugal. In the  cylinder of ball mill, with the rotation of the rotary cylinder and friction, grinding  medium along the side of the cylinder is raised until power reaches the  equilibrium point. Now let’s have a rough idea about the three motions.


When the cylinder of beneficiation ball  mill rotates with low speed, the whole ball angled deflection along the  direction of cylinder’s rotation. Now each ball rotating around its own axis,  and the ball that located in the top are constantly rolling along the ball’s  surface. It’s said to be the fall-diarrhea, grinding is the main mining function that the medium affect to  ore.

 Thrown & Fallen

With the increase of cylinder’s rotating  speed, the ball bearing overall deflection rises gradually. When the cylinder  rotation speeds to a certain extent, the steel ball along the top of ball  bearing will fall at the parabolic trajectory. This motion is called thrown & fallen. The  mining effect of medium to the ore is mainly impact and crushing effect.


The point of ball from the tube wall  starts falling is known as departure points. The angle between cylinder radius  and vertical diameter is called the separate corner. With the increase of  rotating speed, the separate point rises gradually, and the separate corner  reduces gradually. When the separate point reaches the highest point, and the separate  corner becomes zero, the steel ball starts move and rotate along with the  cylinder. This motion is called centrifugal. Now, there is no relative motion  and ground effect between ball and ball room and liner.

When the steel ball is at the centrifugal motion, the ball mill is  in non-working state. When it is at the other motions, the ball mill is  working. The mining effect of media is the combination of grinding and impact.

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