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7 Methods to Improve the Production Efficiency of Cone Crusher

2018-11-27 10:09:54   XinHai   (5237)

High productivity and high efficiency are the common goals for every user. But the equipment operation is also closely related to the efficiency in addition to the equipment itself. Taking the cone crusher as an example, here are seven methods to improve the production efficiency of cone crusher and obtain large production capacity.

1. Adjust the size of discharging port with a closed edge to change the output

The output of cone crusher can be adjusted by the size of the closed discharging port.

The larger size of the discharge port with a closed edge, the higher output of the cone crusher, and the worse quality of the finished product. On the contrary, the smaller size of the discharge port with a closed edge, the lower output of the cone crusher, and the better quality of the finished product. So, the user can adjust it according to the actual needs.

2. Even feeding through the belt conveyor

When feeding, the belt conveyor is required to feed the materials evenly. Materials should meet the requirements of cone crusher. Too much or too little feeding will affect the production efficiency of the cone crusher.

In addition, the operator needs to pay close attention to the discharging condition of the cone crusher, control the feeding speed of the belt conveyor, and ensure normal feeding and discharging of cone crusher.

3. Pay attention to the height of the ore heap

When installing the feeding device, the operator should pay attention to the feeding speed of the ore and the corresponding head. Usually, the conveyor speed is constant, so the head height of the ore is the only choice. Please pay attention to the amount of the feeding and control the height of the ore heap in the feeding device.

4. Decrease the ore powder into the cylinder liner and prolong the service life of the seal ring

When replacing the liner plate, the operator should check dustproof seal ring of the moving cone. In general, if the wear gap between the dustproof seal ring and the sliding ring is larger than 1.5mm, the dustproof seal ring should be replaced to prevent the ore powder from entering the cylinder liner then causing damage to the spindle and other parts.

5.Keep the balanced lubricating oil temperature

The lubrication and heat dissipation of main lubricant housings is dependent on the lubrication system to complete, such as the spindle, eccentric sleeve, eccentric shaft, rack bearing, adjusting piston of the spindle, surface of the sliding bearing, gear rotation. So, it is very important to choose the appropriate cooling and heat sink for cone crusher.

6. Fix the dustproof seal ring with bolts

If the accumulated materials on the beam are not cleaned in time, the bolts fixing the sliding ring will move with the accumulated materials following the moving cone, then cause the wear of the bolt tail. If there is a problem with the fixed condition of the sliding ring, the operator must inspect it to avoid the bad consequences caused by the falling of the sliding ring.

7.Regular checking and maintenance for prolonging the service life of the cone crusher

1)Regularly check the chillers, filters and oil pumps of the cone crusher and measure the oil temperature. Generally, the oil temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees, too high temperature is unfavorable to the cone crusher;

2)Regularly check the water seal and dustproof condition of the cone crusher. If there is no water or just a small amount of water, the cone crusher should be shut down in time.

3)The operator should check the oil pressure of the locking cylinder at intervals, especially when the lining plate has serious wear, the operator should pay more attention to adjust the fixing bolt of the lining plate on the ring. Once it loose, the lining plate will loose. For the newly changed lining plate, the fixing bolt should be tightened once after the cone crusher works for 24 hours.

The above are the common methods used to improve the working efficiency of the cone crusher. The operator must notice the running situation of the cone crusher, and improve skills in maintaining the cone crusher. 

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